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I knew when he walked through the door, he could see the pain in my eyes/The hard surface inside of me started to crumble displaying emotions of human ties/He regrets moving on with life without me and begs me not to leave/I know I don’t fit well in his new life but that’s hard for him to believe/I want him to be happy although it’s not with me/Me in the presence of another man is something he refuses to allow his self to see/He knows it’s no way he can me, he can’t have it all/But the more he is around me, the more he falls/Back into my web that he craves being tangled in/Even with years of history, starting over, I wouldn’t know where to begin/The more I try to leave, the more he says no/I know we love each other but I rather just let him go/I know that his journey and moving on without me is based on lies/I can’t go back because our love, our past causes this pain you see in my eyes…….. ~Noir Diva

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